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By 25/08/2016


Mid Coast Communities and our partner organisations have joined together to build service knowledge, capacity and skills to respond to Adolescent Family Violence (AFV) and to assist in breaking the cycle of violence so that families are safer.

Adolescent family violence (AFV) is a complex and serious issue that is on the rise in Australia It was reported recently that AVOs taken out against children has increased by 300% since 2009 in the Coffs Harbour area. AFV is a problem that has remained relatively hidden and largely unaddressed.

Adolescent Family Violence (AFV) is frequent behaviour used by an adolescent to control, dominate or coerce parents/carers or other family members. It is behaviour that is intended to threaten or intimidate. It can be difficult to recognise or admit that a young person’s behaviour is violent and abusive in a family. Parents often feel ashamed and disappointed and blame themselves. Young people often deny, justify, minimise or blame others for the violence and abuse.

The Harmony@Home project is working towards developing a coordinated and integrated approach to AFV in the Coffs Harbour area.

Click here to download the H@H brochure

If you are experiencing family violence please call one of the below numbers:

Emergency Contacts
In an Emergency call 000

Coffs Harbour Police (02) 6691 0799

Kids Helpline 1800 551 800

24 Hours
(5 years - 25 years)
Parent Helpline 1300 130 052
9am - 9pm Mon - Fri
4pm - 9pm Sat & Sun

Lifeline 13 11 14

Domestic Violence Helpline 1800 656 463

LOCAL Contacts

Speak to your school counsellor or your GP

In it Together 02) 6651 1788

Family Referral Service(02) 6651 1133 or 1800 758 589

Connect FMHSS (Interrelate) 1300 654 269
Contact Us

Shop 21, 20 Gordon Street Coffs Harbour
PO Box 799, Coffs Harbour, NSW, 2450
Ph: 02 6651 1788 Email: contact@midcc.org.au