The Coffs Coast ICE Action Group

The Coffs Coast Ice Action Group was formed in March 2016 and consists of representatives from a range of non-government organisations, government agencies, community groups and individuals. 

The ICE Action Group is delivered via our Department of Family and Community Services funded Resourcing and Development Project. Our Families and Communities Team Leader convenes and facilitates this group who meet on a monthly basis.  Membership of the group is open to anyone who shares a concern about the impact of ICE in our local communities.    

The main objectives of the group are to:

  • Develop and implement a local level Crystal Methamphetamine (ICE) Action Plan
  • Provide a coordinated approach by identifying existing networks and groups who share a concern about the impacts of ICE on the local community (e.g. Coffs Harbour Community Drug Action Team (CDAT) and North Coast Primary Health Network) and working collaboratively with them
  • Identify the key issues and the nature and extent of ICE related issues within the local community
  • Reduce the impact of ICE use on individuals, families and communities through community awareness and education initiatives
  • Build workforce capacity to improve the safety of staff, to identify whether professional development is required, what is available and what can be delivered 
  • Identify and map services, programs and other supports available for people who are impacted by ICE and to identify gaps and constraints within the above

You can find out more about the Coffs Coast ICE Action group by contacting the Team Leader: Families and Communities, by:

Emailing us at

Phoning us on (02) 6651 1788

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