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Mid Coast Communities creates opportunities for young people to develop their leadership skills and to create inclusive and welcoming spaces for young people to share common interests.

When a group of five motivated young people (aged 18 to 25) from Coffs Harbour approached us with their idea to work together to plan and host activities for young people who identify as nerds, geeks and enthusiasts in regional NSW, we were more than happy to support them.

The young people formed a leadership group called Haven MNC in 2015. The group (now known as Nexus HQ) has been youth-led and youth-driven from the outset. Nexus HQ has already delivered some excellent events and activities and are planning more for the future.

Nexus HQ and participants at their events identify as ‘nerds, geeks and enthusiasts’. They enjoy activities like Conventions, LARPing, Board Games, Gaming, Quidditch and Cosplay. Nexus HQ has an active Facebook page and website. They collect feedback at activities to identify activities young people would like. In response, Nexus HQ has delivered the following events:

NexusCon Festival (previously called LevelUP!)

NexusCon is a one-day showcase of activities, gaming, entertainment and fun that appeal to nerds, geeks and enthusiasts in one place. NexusCon is a community and family event where people can share common interests, make friends and have loads of fun. There are also stallholders selling products of interest and youth organisations promoting their services. The 2016 Coffs Harbour event had 800 attendees, up from 700 in 2015. Watch this space for NexusCon 2017!

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Board Games Nights and Video Game Tournaments

Nexus HQ runs games and tournaments that are played at libraries, universities and our Groundworks Youth Centres.

Quidditch Club

In 2015 Nexus HQ established a Quidditch Club in Coffs Harbour which now has the support of Southern Cross University.


LARP (Live Action Role Play) is a fun way for people to connect with each other and share their common interests. LARP sees costumed participants act out scenarios in role-playing games. A Coffs Harbour LARP group has been established by Nexus HQ and meets regularly to perform their craft.

You can find out more about how to get involved with Nexus HQ’s games nights, video game tournaments, Quidditch and LARP by contacting us by:

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