Building Strong and Inclusive Communities

Mid Coast Communities vision is to build strong and inclusive communities. We do this through delivering a range of community development projects, participant programs, professional services and by working towards a just society for all.

mid coast communties
mid coast communties



Supporting and Empowering People

Mid Coast Communities empowers people to live safe, satisfying and inclusive lives, to strengthen relationships and to create positive community connections. We deliver a range of programs that work in partnership with individuals and families. Our work with individuals and families is underpinned by a strengths based, person centered and holistic model of practice. We believe in the resilience and power of individuals and families to direct their own lives and make positive choices.

Supporting People
Ability Links

Ability Links

Mid Coast Communities delivers Ability Links NSW on the Mid North Coast of NSW.  The Ability Links program assists people with disability to live the lives they want to live within their local communities. Coordinators known as ‘Linkers’ work in partnership with people with disability aged 9 to 64 to help achieve their goals and dreams. Linkers also support local communities to be welcoming and inclusive for people with disability.


In It Together

Mid Coast Communities strengthens and supports young people and families. Our In It Together program assists young people aged 12 to 17 years and their families to be safe, to understand each other, to strengthen relationships and to build problem solving skills. Our work with young people and families is underpinned by a strengths based, person centered and family centered model of practice.

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Creating power through knowledge

Mid Coast Communities believes that knowledge is power. Mid Coast Communities empowers community members and Community Services staff by gathering and sharing a wide range of information and resources through our fortnightly newsletter ‘Your Voice’, our facebook page and our website. On our website, we host a Service Sector Directory to assist people to find the services they need on the mid north coast and a Network Noticeboard directory of networks to assist Community Service workers to link in with inter-agencies and other sharing and learning forums operating within the mid north coast community care sector.


Building strong and inclusive communities

Mid Coast Communities builds strong and inclusive communities by delivering a range of community development projects and by promoting social justice. We believe that strong and inclusive communities create opportunities for all community member to be safe and happy and to be able to fully participate in community life. Our community development projects work in partnership with communities and community members to identify and harness strengths and assets and to build capacity and resilience.



Mid Coast Communities supports youth led and youth driven activities and projects such as the Haven project. Haven is a group of wonderful young leaders who have a vision to create a community of young people who identify as nerds, geeks and enthusiasts. Haven delivers a range of activities including an annual Level UP! festival to bring young people with similar interests together, to strengthen community connection and participation and to enhance belonging and relationships.


Building Strong Community Services

Mid Coast Communities strengthens Community Services by delivering a range of sector development projects. We are inspired by and value the work of the many wonderful Community Services that operate on the Mid North Coast of NSW who work with older people, people with disability, young people, children and families. We deliver a range of activities and training opportunities that build the capacity of Community Services to deliver high quality services and to enhance service and sector collaboration.


Training & Development

Mid Coast Communities strengthens Community Services and builds power through knowledge by delivering a range of professional, outcome driven and experiential community sector training. Our training receives excellent feedback.



Mid Coast Communities leads and inspires. Our organisation operates from a sound evidence base and values base. All of our work is underpinned by our vision of building strong and inclusive communities, promoting social justice and making a positive difference in our communities and in people’s lives. Mid Coast Communities staff are highly qualified, experienced, enthusiastic and dedicated professionals. Our organisation is soundly governed by a skill and values based Board of Governance. We have a strong history and excellent reputation of delivering high quality and affordable outcomes for people and for our funding partners.



Mid Coast Communities also delivers a range of affordable Professional Services to support the Community Services sector. To take advantage of our professional services contact the Chief Executive Officer, Ruth Thompson for a personalised proposal and affordable quote.